Party Hire | Event, Wedding and Party Rentals in South Africa

Party Hire | Event, Wedding and Party Rentals in South Africa

Planning a special event can be both exciting and stressful. However, with the right party hire service in South Africa, you will not only save time but also ensure that your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

  • One essential aspect of organizing a successful event is choosing suitable decor and themes that set the perfect ambiance for your guests.

Let us help you with a range of items such as marquees, inflatable bounce houses, tables and chairs, bar and beverage equipment rentals among others – all tailored to fit your unique requirements perfectly.

In addition to ensuring top-notch quality products at competitive prices on our party hire price list available upon request – catering services are another key component when it comes down hosting any gathering successfully in South Africa.

  • When it comes down finding ultimate solutions in South Africa, rest assured there’s no better place than ours!

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Party Hire Services in South Africa

Party Hire Services in South Africa

Our party hire services in South Africa include

  • Event planning
  • Equipment rental
  • Decorations and themes
  • Entertainment performers
  • Catering services
  • Audio and visual equipment rental
  • Photo booth rental

Event Planning

Event Planning

Organising a memorable event can be both exciting and stressful, but with our professional party hire services in South Africa, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

  • Experienced event planners are dedicated to turning your vision into reality by managing all aspects of your celebration from start to finish.

The team will work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences while helping you select the perfect venue, create innovative themes and décor elements that reflect your style, and coordinate entertainment suited for the occasion.

A successful event is all about meticulous attention to detail – which is why we also take care of logistics such as arranging transport for guests or ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day.

  • Moreover, our expertise in navigating legal requirements like obtaining permits ensures no last-minute hiccups that could dampen festivities.

Party Equipment Rental

Party Equipment Rental

Planning the perfect event can be quite a challenge, but having access to exceptional party equipment rental services in South Africa makes it significantly easier.

Whether you’re organising a birthday celebration, wedding reception, corporate event or any other special occasion, partnering with a reliable rental company ensures that every detail is taken care of seamlessly.

One of the key aspects that set excellent party hire service providers apart from their competitors is their commitment to delivering high-quality items tailored to suit your specific requirements

  • Additionally, these companies usually have dedicated teams who provide professional guidance throughout the planning process and help turn your vision into reality.

Decorations and Themes

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your party or event is essential to its success, and that’s where our stunning range of decorations and themes come in.

Party Hire in South Africa, offer an extensive selection of bespoke decor and theme options designed to transform any venue into a captivating setting tailored to your unique vision.

Our inventory includes a vast array of stylish table settings, elegant chair covers, dazzling lighting effects, eye-catching centrepieces, and other one-of-a-kind decorative elements that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re planning an enchanting fairy-tale wedding or a thrilling superhero-themed birthday party for your little ones, our experts will guide you through the process from concept development until the big day itself.

With meticulous attention paid at every step along the way according- rest assured that we’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving your guests an unforgettable experience.

Entertainment and Performers

Looking to add some entertainment to your next event or party? We’ve got you covered with our variety of performers for hire.

From live bands and DJs to magicians, clowns, and character actors – we’ve got something for every occasion.

Did you know that in South Africa, it’s common practice to hire live music acts for private parties?

Let us help you in Cape Town with a company that specializes in sound rental solutions and party entertainment.

Catering Services

Catering Services

In addition to providing a wide range of party equipment for hire, our party rental services also include catering.

  • From buffet-style meals to BBQ catering and cocktail parties, we offer an extensive selection of catering options that cater to your unique preferences.

We understand special dietary requirements and can accommodate them with ease. Our team is capable of creating mouth-watering menus regardless of how sophisticated or casual your event may be.

  • Various packages available including children’s party package, wedding package and corporate event package designed to meet all tastes and budgets.

Audio and Visual Equipment Rental

If you’re hosting an event, it’s important to create the right atmosphere. That’s where audio and visual equipment rental services come in.

  • These companies offer a wide range of equipment for hire, including microphones, speakers, projectors, lighting rigs and more.

Whether it’s a corporate function or a family gathering, audio-visual presentations are a great way to engage your audience and add some excitement to your event.

There are many different options available when renting this type of equipment; for example, lighting can help set the mood while projectors can display slideshows or video content on large screens.

Photo Booth Rental

If you’re looking for a fun way to capture memories at your event, consider adding photo booth rental to your party hire package.

  • SelfieBox provides top-notch photo booth experiences for corporate events, parties, and weddings across Southern Africa.

Of course, if you’re throwing a smaller event like a birthday party or intimate wedding ceremony, we can help you find the right photo booth hire service in South Africa.

Party Products For Hire

Party Products For Hire

Party products for hire include

  • Marquees and tents
  • Tables and chairs
  • Bar and beverage equipment
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Catering equipment, party decorations
  • Lighting and effects
  • Sound systems
  • Dance floors
  • Inflatables and bounce houses

Marquees and Tents

Marquee tents are one of the most popular options for outdoor events in South Africa.

Here is what you need to know about hiring marquees and tents for your next event or party:

  1. There are various types of marquees and tents available, including stretch tents, umbrellas, and industrial marquees. Each type caters to different needs and preferences.
  2. Marquee hire is a great solution for outdoor functions, providing flexible space for outdoor dining, garden parties, corporate events and more.
  3. Marquees are especially suitable for weddings as they offer flexibility and customizable options to create a unique and memorable experience.
  4. Industrial marquees are perfect for large – scale events like festivals while small stretch tents work well for intimate gatherings like birthday parties or cocktail parties.
  5. With the right decor choices like lighting and draping, even basic marquees can be transformed into elegant spaces.

So if you’re planning an outdoor event or party, consider hiring a marquee or tent from a reputable rental company that offers quality equipment at competitive prices.

Tables and Chairs

When planning an event, one of the most important aspects to consider is seating arrangements.

Here are some key facts about tables and chairs for hire:

  1. We offer a variety of table sizes, from small round ones suitable for intimate dinners, to large rectangular tables perfect for banquets or conferences.
  2. Our selection of chairs includes everything from elegant banquet chairs to more casual options like plastic chairs.
  3. We also offer chair covers and decorations to match your event’s theme or color scheme.
  4. All of our tables and chairs are high-quality and well-maintained, ensuring that your guests will be comfortable throughout the event.
  5. When selecting tables and chairs for your event, it’s important to consider factors like the size of your space, the number of guests attending, and whether you’ll need additional items like podiums or lecterns.
  6. Our team can work with you to create a customized seating plan that meets your specific needs and ensures optimal comfort for all attendees.
  7. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, corporate event, or birthday party, renting tables and chairs can help ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the festivities.
  8. Renting rather than buying furniture also allows you to save money while still creating a memorable experience for your guests.

So if you’re looking for high-quality tables and chairs for hire in South Africa, look no further than our party rental services!

Bar Aand Beverage Equipment

Hosting a party or event can be stressful, but hiring the right bar and beverage equipment can alleviate some of that pressure and make your guests happy.

Here are some options for your next event:

  1. Mobile Bar: A mobile bar is a great way to bring drinks and cocktails directly to your guests and keep them refreshed throughout the night.
  2. Bartender Tools: Whether you’re serving beer, wine, or cocktails, you’ll need the necessary tools to create delicious drinks. Consider renting shakers, jiggers, pour spouts and cocktail strainers.
  3. Ice Machines: For larger events, it’s helpful to have an ice machine on hand so guests can have chilled beverages any time they want.
  4. Glassware: Renting high-quality glassware is a must for classy events. Options include wine glasses, beer mugs, champagne flutes and martini glasses.
  5. Beverage Dispensers: For punch bowls or other large batch concoctions consider using beverage dispensers which allow attendees to serve themselves.
  6. Kegs/Taps: Don’t forget about kegs and taps that are perfect for beer-loving crowds!

By choosing the right bar equipment for your event needs from rental services around South Africa like ours you’ll ensure maximum refreshment happiness at your next big gathering!

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Party rental companies understand the importance of keeping guests comfortable, no matter what season it is. That’s why they offer a range of heating and cooling equipment for hire to suit your event needs.

Here are some types of heating and cooling equipment you can find:

  • Portable air conditioning units: These units are perfect for cooling down indoor spaces during hot summer months.
  • Gas patio heaters: For outdoor events, gas patio heaters keep guests warm on chilly evenings.
  • Electric heaters: If you need to heat up an indoor space, electric heaters are an efficient option.
  • Air coolers: Similar to portable air conditioners, air coolers help keep indoor spaces cool during hot weather.
  • Fans: From ceiling fans to pedestal fans, rental companies provide different types of fans to keep the air moving in an event space.

Remember that hiring heating and cooling equipment can be more cost-effective than purchasing them outright for a single event.

  • Plus, with the expertise of party rental companies you can ensure that your guests will be comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Catering Equipment

Catering equipment is an essential part of hosting any social event, whether it be a small gathering or a large party.

Here are some important facts to consider when hiring catering equipment for your next event:

  1. Buffet catering equipment is popular among event planners as it allows guests to serve themselves and creates a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Catering equipment can save time and cost for hosts as it eliminates the need to purchase and prepare food off-site.
  3. When hiring catering equipment, ensure that the supplier provides all necessary items such as cutlery, crockery, serving utensils, and chafing dishes.
  4. It’s important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the hire agreement before signing anything to avoid any issues later on.
  5. Catering equipment comes in different sizes and styles depending on the type of event and number of guests attending, so choose wisely based on your needs.
  6. Some rental companies also offer additional services such as delivery, setup, and collection of rented items for added convenience.
  7. Hire companies may also provide guidance on how much food should be prepared depending on the number of guests attending your event to reduce waste.

Party Decorations

Party decorations are a crucial part of any party setup, setting the mood and atmosphere for the guests.

Here are some of our popular party decoration products:

  • Balloons: Whether it’s balloon bouquets, arches, or centrepieces, balloons always add a fun and festive touch to any party.
  • Banners: Personalised banners with your name or message can be hung on walls or across tables as a great way to add some charm to your event.
  • Streamers: These classic decorations can add an explosion of colour and fun to any party space when hung from ceilings or walls.
  • Lighting: From string lights to LED dance floors, lighting is an essential element that sets the mood and creates an inviting atmosphere at any event.
  • Table decor: Table runners, centrepieces, place cards and tablecloths are simple touches that can enhance the look of your table settings at weddings, birthdays and corporate events alike.

Lighting And Effects

Lighting can make a big difference in setting the mood and creating an enchanting atmosphere for your event.

Offer a variety of lighting options to suit any occasion, including:

  • UV lights: perfect for blacklight parties or adding a unique twist to your event.
  • Mirror balls: create a sparkling effect that will make any dance floor come alive.
  • Party bars: add some colour and style to your bar area with our party bars.

Also offer special effects such as smoke machines and bubble machines to enhance the ambiance of your event even further.

  • With top-of-the-line equipment, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

Sound Systems

Quality sound is crucial to any party or event.

Here are some important factors to consider when hiring a sound system:

  1. Choose the right package based on venue size and event type.
  2. Opt for high – quality speakers that offer the best coverage and clarity for your space.
  3. Make sure the equipment is easily connectable with other audio components such as DJ and band gear.
  4. Look out for additional features such as microphones, mixers, and amplifiers to enhance the overall sound experience.
  5. Professional sound hire companies offer their services for all types of events including corporate functions, wedding receptions, and parties.

Remember, a great sound system can be the difference between an average event and one that guests will rave about!

Dance Floors

If you’re planning to throw a party or corporate event, dance floors are an absolute must-have.

Here are some important things you need to know about hiring them:

  1. Dance floors come in various sizes and materials, including wooden, acrylic, and LED.
  2. The size of the dance floor should be determined based on the number of guests attending the event and their expected dance floor usage.
  3. Hiring a dance floor is a cost – effective option rather than purchasing one for occasional events.
  4. Dance floor hire is commonly offered as part of marquee hire services.
  5. A hired dance floor provides a safe and suitable surface for dancing that won’t damage flooring beneath it.
  6. Illuminated LED dance floors are popular options for parties and come in various patterns and colours to enhance the mood of your event.

When it comes to hosting memorable events, having a suitable dance floor can make all the difference.

With our party hire services available across South Africa, we offer a range of solutions to ensure your event has everything it needs to be perfect.

  • Contact us today for the best deals on party hire!

Inflatables and Bounce Houses

Consider renting inflatables and bounce houses from our party hire service in South Africa.

Here are some things you should know about these popular party products:

  1. Inflatables and bounce houses are perfect for kids’ parties, school events, and family gatherings.
  2. We offer a variety of inflatables and bounce houses to choose from, including traditional bouncy castles, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and more.
  3. When renting an inflatable or bounce house, safety is key. Our products are made with high-quality materials and undergo regular maintenance to ensure they are safe for use.
  4. Did you know that the first inflatable rental company was started by Frances Scurlock in 1966? Since then, inflatables have become a staple at parties and events all over the world.
  5. Renting an inflatable or bounce house is easy with our online rental agreement form through pdf-Filler. Simply fill out the form and sign to secure your rental.

Make your next event a hit with our wide selection of inflatables and bounce houses for rent. Contact us today to learn more!

Cooking and Food Preparation Equipment

If you’re hosting an event or party, food is often a key component.

  • To ensure that your guests are well-fed and satisfied, it’s essential to have the right cooking and food preparation equipment on hand.

Here are some items that you may want to consider hiring:

  1. BBQ Grill – Perfect for outdoor events, a BBQ grill can be used to cook up burgers, hot dogs, vegetables and more.
  2. Chafing Dishes – These heated trays are perfect for keeping large quantities of food warm until it’s time to serve.
  3. Food Warmers – Ideal for buffets, these warming trays keep food at a consistent temperature throughout the event.
  4. Roasting Pans – If you’re planning on serving a roasted meat dish such as chicken or turkey, a roasting pan is an absolute must-have.
  5. Fryer – For fried chicken or other fried foods, a fryer makes it easy to cook up crispy goodies quickly and efficiently.
  6. Cooking Utensils– Don’t forget about the tools required for cooking! From spatulas to tongs to ladles and more, having plenty of cooking utensils on hand will make meal prep smooth sailing.

By renting all the necessary cooking and food preparation equipment from a party hire company, you can focus on creating delicious dishes without worrying about the logistics of how to cook them for your guests.

Plus, with delivery straight to your event location and pickup after the event is over, there’s no need to worry about transport or storage!

Miscellaneous Party Supplies

Let’s Party in South Africa offers more than just the basics when it comes to party hire.

Here are some of the miscellaneous party supplies that we supply:

  1. Themed and personalised banners
  2. Confetti cannons and poppers for celebrations
  3. Red carpets and stanchions for VIP entrances
  4. Bubble machines, smoke machines and foggers for a dramatic effect
  5. Helium gas tank rentals with balloons
  6. Piñatas for children’s parties
  7. Glow in the dark products such as bracelets, necklaces and sticks
  8. Disposable cameras to capture memories
  9. Dry ice machines for that spooky Halloween or winter wonderland atmosphere
  10. Souvenir items like t – shirts, mugs, key chains with branding options

No matter what kind of event you’re having – big or small – Let’s Party has everything you need to make your celebration unforgettable!

Special Occasions

From birthday parties to weddings, corporate events to charity fundraisers, party hire services in South Africa cater for all special occasions.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are an age-old tradition and a time-honoured way to celebrate milestones.

  • From toddlers to grandparents, birthdays are a special occasion that brings us together with our loved ones for a day of joy and celebration.

While the concept of birthday parties dates back thousands of years, modern-day celebrations have become much more extravagant, with party hire services offering everything from marquee tents and catering equipment to jumping castles and entertainment options.

  • Different cultures also have unique traditions associated with birthdays, such as giving gifts or eating specific foods on the day.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a big bash, party hire services can add that extra touch of magic to your birthday celebration while allowing you to focus on enjoying the festivities yourself.

  • Did you know that 40% of guests snoop around during these occasions?

This could be due to the excitement surrounding birthday celebrations or perhaps just human curiosity, but either way it underlines how important it is to create an inviting space filled with engaging activities for guests at your next event.

Wedding Receptions

A wedding reception is an essential part of any marriage ceremony and a time to celebrate the newlyweds.

  • It’s a chance for family, friends, and loved ones to come together and enjoy delicious food, drinks, and fun activities.

There are various traditions associated with wedding receptions that couples can choose to include in their celebration.

  • For instance, cutting the cake together as newlyweds is one such tradition that has been around for centuries.

Additionally, today’s weddings typically include up to nine events, including pre- and post-wedding parties.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are an essential part of engaging and interacting with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

  • They provide an opportunity to showcase a company’s brand and culture, launch new products or services, celebrate milestones, or simply strengthen relationships.

However, planning and executing a successful corporate event requires considerable effort and expertise.

  • Companies can hire event planners or entertainment companies to assist with organizing different forms of corporate events.

For instance, live company events are back in style as indicated by the latest trends for team-building activities at outdoor venues or virtual setups offering interactive experiences from every corner of the globe.


Festivals are special events that bring people together to celebrate and have fun.

  • These events offer unique experiences, such as cultural performances, games, and activities.

Fairs and festivals are a great way to break up the routine of everyday life and enjoy something out of the ordinary.

  • With celebrations happening across South Africa throughout the year, there’s always a reason to party!

Whether it’s a national day celebration or an intimate birthday party with family and friends, Party Hire services have got you covered with everything you need from decorations to entertainment.

Themed Events

Themed events are a fantastic way to create an immersive atmosphere for any special occasion.

  • Whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding reception, or birthday party, there are countless theme options to choose from that can really make your event stand out.

From elegant masquerade balls and vintage Hollywood glamour themes to playful circus and carnival themes, the possibilities are endless.

Themed events not only provide great photo opportunities but also help bring people together as they embrace the chosen theme.

Charity And Fundraising Events

Charity and fundraising events are an excellent way to raise awareness for a cause and gather support from the community.

  • These events can come in many different forms, including auctions, galas, art shows, charity runs, and more.

The success of these events lies in careful planning and execution. It is essential to create a detailed fundraising event checklist that outlines all aspects of the event’s logistics, such as venue selection, marketing strategy, sponsorship options, catering services, entertainment choices etc.

Nonprofit organizations can use these events not only to raise money but also to build strong relationships with their supporters.

Catering Services

Our catering services offer a range of options including buffet, BBQ and cocktail party catering, with special consideration given to guests’ dietary requirements.

Buffet Catering

Buffet catering is a popular option for events such as weddings, parties and business events.

  • This type of catering service provides guests with an array of food options to choose from, allowing them to serve themselves at their leisure.

The main advantage of buffet catering is that it’s usually more cost-effective compared to other types of catering services since it eliminates the need for servers.

  • When hiring a buffet catering service, make sure you choose a provider that offers high-quality food and beverages, as well as excellent service.

Did you know that buffets are one of the four main types of catered events along with corporate catering, social catering and wedding catering?

  • Buffet menus can be customized depending on your event’s theme or dietary requirements making it more convenient for hosts who want their guests’ tastes satisfied in one go.

BBQ Catering

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to cater your next event or party? Look no further than BBQ catering services.

  • These catering services simplify the whole process and remove any stress associated with self-catered events.

Did you know that starting a BBQ catering company comes with its own set of challenges and pains?

  • That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced and reliable provider like us.

Offer not only high-quality food but also exceptional service, from setup to cleanup.

  • Whether it’s a corporate event or birthday party, we have packages tailored to meet your specific needs.

Cocktail Party Catering

Cocktail parties are all about mingling and socializing while enjoying delicious drinks and decadent bites.

  • Expert catering team can provide professional bartenders and mixologists to craft innovative cocktails that will impress your guests.

With our intimate knowledge of the latest trends in cocktail party catering, we can ensure that your event is unforgettable.

  • From classic Martinis to bespoke craft cocktails, our team can create a menu tailored to suit your tastes.

We understand the importance of excellent service at events

  • So you’ll have one server per 10-15 guests plus a dedicated bartender or mixologist throughout the occasion.

Special Dietary Requirements

As event planners, we understand that catering for special dietary needs is an important aspect of any party or event.

  • They have experience in catering for a range of different dietary restrictions and preferences, including vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, halal and more.

Our team takes great care in ensuring that all guests with specific dietary requirements are catered for appropriately.

  • Whether it’s developing a custom menu to accommodate food allergies or providing alternative options for those with vegetarian preferences, we’ve got you covered.

Party Hire for South Africa, believe that delicious food should be accessible to everyone regardless of their dietary needs or restrictions.

  • They are proud to offer an extensive range of menu options specifically designed around various diets and preference requirements.


Our party hire services offer a range of entertainment options, including DJs, bands and musicians as well as magicians, clowns and characters for kids’ parties.

DJs, Bands and Musicians

If you’re planning a party or event, one of the most important decisions is whether to hire a DJ, band or musician. Here are some things to consider:

  1. DJs are a popular choice for parties and events due to their ability to keep the energy up and ensure hours of fun.
  2. A professional DJ will have experience in reading the crowd and playing the right music to keep everyone dancing.
  3. DJs can offer a wide variety of music styles, including current hits and old favourites.
  4. Some DJs also offer additional services such as lighting and sound equipment rental, which can save you time and money.
  5. Hiring a live band can be a great option if you’re looking for more of a performance aspect at your event.
  6. Live bands can create an exciting atmosphere with their music and can give your event a unique touch.
  7. It’s important to choose the right type of band for your event, whether that’s jazz, cover songs or original music.
  8. Keep in mind that live bands can be more expensive than a DJ due to the number of musicians involved and equipment required.

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between a DJ or live band – it all depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create at your event.

  • So take some time to carefully consider your options before making your decision!

Magicians, Clowns and Characters

If you’re looking for entertainment for your next party or event, don’t overlook the classic performers like magicians, clowns and characters.

Here are a few things to know about each:

  • Magicians: A magician can amaze and delight both kids and adults with their illusions and sleight of hand. Whether you want a close-up magician to mingle with guests, or a stage performer to put on a show, there’s sure to be a magician who can fit your event.
  • Clowns: Though they might make some people uneasy, clowns are still beloved by many as funny, energetic performers. They can provide balloon animals, face painting, juggling and more. Just make sure you’re not inviting anyone with coulrophobia (fear of clowns)!
  • Characters: Whether it’s superheroes, princesses or cartoon characters, having costumed performers at your event can add an extra level of excitement. Look for companies that offer professional-quality costumes and performers who look the part.

Kids’ Entertainment

Hosting a party for your little one can be stressful, but with the right kids’ entertainment, it can be a blast!

Here are some fun ideas for entertaining children at a party:

  1. Hire a magician – Kids love magic shows and it’s sure to keep them entertained for hours.
  2. Face painting – Face painting is always a hit with kids and can transform them into their favourite characters.
  3. Balloon twisting – Balloon animals are always popular with children and can keep them occupied while parents mingle.
  4. Bouncy castles – Jumping around in inflatables is always fun for kids, especially when they get the chance to do it with their friends.
  5. Puppet shows – Puppets are great entertainers and provide an opportunity for kids to use their imagination.
  6. Games – Classic games like pass-the-parcel or musical chairs are fun ways to entertain large groups of children.
  7. Arts and crafts – This activity allows kids to unleash their creativity by making something they can take home as a souvenir of the party.

Party Packages [Party Hire Price List]

Party Packages [Party Hire Price List]

We offer various party packages, including children’s party packages, wedding packages, and corporate event packages tailored to your specific needs.

Children’s Party Package

For parents looking to throw a fun and memorable party for their children, our party hire service offers a range of exciting packages.

Children’s Party Package is perfect for kids’ birthdays, with different options including movie tray party boxes, themed trays, milkbox party packs, popcorn boxes, and themed cupcakes.

Wedding Package

Our wedding package is designed to be the perfect fit for each unique couple.

  • Start by gathering information about your individual tastes and preferences, so that we can create a memorable event tailored just for you.

Please note that the venue hire deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, and there may be additional costs associated with the package.

  • However, our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process to help keep everything on track and within budget.

Our goal is to make sure your special day is one you’ll always cherish.

Corporate Event Package

In addition to our various party packages, we also offer a top-notch Corporate Event Package for our clients.

  • Our team of experienced event planners will work closely with you to create a tailored package that meets your specific requirements and budget.

From venue selection to catering, audio/visual, third-party vendors, and entertainment – we’ve got it all covered.

Our Corporate Event Package includes a wide range of services such as

  • Customized invitations and branding materials
  • Themed decor options
  • Gourmet food catering with special dietary needs taken into account
  • Audio-visual equipment rental for presentations
  • Live performances by professional artists or entertainers

The goal is to make your corporate event both memorable and engaging while being cost-effective.

Areas We Service in South Africa

At Pink Party Hire, we want to make sure that everyone has access to high-quality party rentals and equipment.

  • That’s why we offer our services throughout all major cities and suburbs in South Africa.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch service no matter where you are located.

  • We have extensive experience working with clients from a variety of different areas and can help you plan the perfect event regardless of your location.

So if you’re looking for reliable and affordable party hire services anywhere in South Africa, look no further!

All Major Cities & Suburbs

Our party hire services extend to all major cities and suburbs throughout South Africa, including:

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Durban
  • Pretoria
  • Bloemfontein
  • Nelspruit
  • Rustenburg
  • Vanderbijlpark
  • Welkom

No matter where you are located, we can provide you with high-quality event planning services, equipment rentals, catering, entertainment, and more to ensure that your party or special occasion is a success.

Speak To Us for The Best Deals On Party Hire

Looking for the best deals on party hire in South Africa?

Look no further than our team of experienced event planners and equipment rental specialists.

  • Party hire services cover everything from event planning to catering, decor, entertainment and more.

Affordable package options and wide range of rental products – including marquees, tables and chairs, sound systems, lighting equipment and inflatables – you can add that special feeling to your event without breaking the bank.

  • Plus, when you speak to us about your specific needs, we can offer personalised recommendations on the right mix of products and services to fit within your budget.


  1. What does party hire include?

Party hire services typically provide access to a wide range of products and equipment for events, such as marquees, tables and chairs, lighting, sound systems, decorations and catering supplies.

  1. How much does it cost to rent party equipment?

The cost of renting party equipment can vary depending on the quantity and type of items needed, as well as the duration and location of your event.

  • It’s important to request a quote from your chosen provider prior to booking in order to establish an accurate budget.
  1. Can I arrange delivery for my rented items?

Most party hire companies offer delivery options which tend to be charged based on distance traveled or other logistical factors such as setup time required.

  1. How early should I book my party rental needs?

It is recommended that you book your rental needs at least several weeks in advance.