Searching for Wendy Houses for Sale? Get them Direct from the Manufacturer at Affordable Prices with Professional Installation

Searching for Wendy Houses for Sale? Get them Direct from the Manufacturer at Affordable Prices with Professional Installation

Find Wendy houses from our wide range of options directly sourced from the manufacturer. Save on costs and enjoy exceptional quality with our affordable prices.

Not only do we provide various types of structures including Wendy houses, security huts, workshops, log cabins, dog kennels and site offices but we take pride in using high-quality materials to ensure sustainability.

Additionally, ease your worries about setting up as we cover that too! Opt for our professional installation services available throughout South Africa.

Let experienced professionals handle all the hard work while you sit back and watch your dream Wendy house materialize before your eyes.

  • From Alberton to Umhlanga, whether you’re looking for something small or a large unit; starting at R4 500.00 up to R50 000+ is within reach!

Explore these unique designs today and start planning how you’ll utilize this versatile addition to your property.

Our Nutec houses are incredibly popular due to their affordability without compromising on quality – ask us for a free quote today!

With expert services offering like design planning, construction repairs and renovations; realize that ideal living or workspace sooner than expected.

Professional Wendy Houses Services in South Africa

Professional Wendy Houses Services in South Africa

We offer professional services for Wendy houses in South Africa including design, construction, installation, repairs, renovations, and relocation.

Professional Wendy House Design and Planning

  • Professional designers carefully assess your needs to provide a precise, customized design.
  • Planning involves site inspection to ensure the terrain is suitable for constructing the Wendy house.
  • Designers also consider local regulations, helping you to avoid compliance issues.
  • They use their experience and expertise in choosing the right materials, enhancing durability and lifespan of your Wendy house.
  • Professionals offer various designs including traditional, modern, and eco-friendly designs to match your preference.
  • They also offer advice on optional add – ons like insulation, windows and doors that best fit your specific requirements.
  • Professional planning minimizes construction errors ensuring smooth installation while saving you time and money.

Professional Wendy House Construction

They are committed to:

  • Using high – quality materials.
  • Employing precise construction techniques.
  • Ensuring each Wendy house fits your unique requirements.
  • Delivering completed projects on time, every time.
  • Crafting superior design plans tailored to your needs.
  • Sourcing and using top – grade building materials for durability.
  • Providing a team of experienced builders for seamless installation
  • Bespoke design and planning.
  • Responsible sourcing of material.
  • Robust construction by skilled craftsmen.
  • Security huts.
  • Sheds.
  • And other structures crafted with care and precision.
  • High – quality material usage for robust construction.
  • Professional techniques employed for superior results.

Professional Wendy House Installation

Installation can be a daunting process, but with our professional Wendy House installation services, customers can sit back and relax.

  1. Our team of installers in South Africa specialize in setting up Wendy Houses swiftly and efficiently.
  2. We handle every step of the installation, from site preparation to final assembly.
  3. Using advanced tools and techniques, we ensure a sturdy and secure structure.
  4. Customised installations are available to fit each Wendy House perfectly to the desired location.
  5. We also accommodate relocations – if you move, your Wendy House can come along!
  6. Post – installation inspections are conducted to affirm the quality and safety of our houses.
  7. Proper insulation is our priority during installation for optimum interior comfort.
  8. Our clients throughout South Africa applaud our hassle – free and reliable services.
  9. With affordable prices, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their own Wendy House.

Professional Wendy House Repairs

Below are the top reasons why this service is so popular:

  • The professionalism: Expert workers provide these repair services. They have years of hands-on experience handling all shapes and sizes of Wendy houses.
  • Wide range of services: Besides repairing, these expert teams also offer installations, custom builds, and renovations of Wendy houses.
  • Waterproofing: These professionals ensure that every house they build or repair is waterproofed. This comes along with a 5-year guarantee against any potential damage, giving you peace of mind even during the harshest weather conditions.
  • Protection against scams: When contacting these professionals make sure to be on guard against ‘free-ad cowboys,’ particularly in Cape Town.
  • Versatility: From sheds, security huts, workshops to site offices, dog kennels, log cabins and more; their manufacturing range encapsulates multiple products fulfilling different needs of customers.

Professional Wendy House Renovations

  • High-quality material usage: Ensuring every renovation project features durable, long-lasting materials.
  • Expert craftsmanship: Offering professional construction that withstands time and offers years of enjoyment.
  • Detail-oriented approach: Every nook and corner of each wendy house is meticulously attended to, ensuring a flawless finish.
  • Custom renovations: Tailoring their services to meet individual client needs for a unique and personalized wendy house.
  • Industry reputation: Standing as one of the most reputable service providers in the wendy house renovation industry across South Africa.
  • Absolute satisfaction guarantee: Ensuring clients are satisfied with the overall quality, aesthetics, and durability of their renovated wendy houses.

Professional Wendy House Relocation

Here are some interesting facts about professional Wendy house relocation:

  • Specialises in the daunting task of moving wooden homes across South Africa.
  • Offers complete relocation solutions without damaging your beloved Wendy house.
  • Not restricted to just moving homes; they also manufacture and supply Wendy houses.
  • Provides various additional services like security huts, dog kennels, workshops, log cabins, site offices and sheds manufacturing.
  • Pinnacle Homes is a notable name in the industry that provides high – quality relocation services for wooden homes.
  • 2 Brothers Wendys ensures efficient relocation of their premium traditional Wendy Houses.
  • The team in charge of relocations at Fourways Wendy Houses aims for customer satisfaction with every relocated property.

7 Pros of professional Wendy House builders

  1. Skilled in constructing wooden Wendy houses that meet high – quality standards.
  2. Provide cost – effective building solutions to cater for various budgets.
  3. Ability to build different sizes, from small garden sheds to fully functioning houses.
  4. Specialising in relocating Wendy houses of all dimensions, including both traditional wooden homes and Nutec properties.
  5. All work meets South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) quality regulations, ensuring peace of mind for the customer.
  6. Guarantee on their workmanship provides an additional layer of security for the buyer.
  7. Increasingly providing eco – friendly options to align with sustainability initiatives.

Expert Wendy House Installation Services Available throughout South Africa

Expert Wendy House offers professional installation services for Wendy Houses throughout South Africa.

  • Whether you’re looking to install a new Wendy House or relocate an existing one, their team of experts is ready to assist you.

With years of experience in the industry, they have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your installation is done efficiently and to the highest standards.

  • Expert Wendy House understands that every customer has unique needs and preferences, which is why they offer personalized installation services tailored to your specific requirements.

From standard finish, they will handle every aspect of the installation process, including site preparation, foundation construction, assembly, roofing, electrical work, plumbing (if required), and finishing touches.

With their expertise and attention to detail, you can trust Expert Wendy House for a seamless and hassle-free installation experience.

Wendy House Styles in South Africa

Explore a variety of Wendy house styles available in South Africa, including classic standard designs, rustic log cabin options, modern Nutec houses, tailored custom structures, dedicated office spaces, pet-friendly accommodations for dogs, commercial shop setups, and even sanitary toilet units.

Classic Standard Wendy Houses

Classic Standard Wendy Houses are a popular choice for providing accommodation to live-in domestic workers in South Africa.

  • These structures are typically made of wood and can be found on the employer’s property.

They have a traditional look, with boards fixed across the width of the structure.

Most Classic Standard Wendy Houses in South Africa are constructed using corrugated iron, ensuring durability and protection against the elements.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier that specializes in building high-quality Wendy houses for over 16 years.

Rustic Log Cabin Wendy Houses

Rustic Log Cabin Wendy Houses stand out from other types of Wendy houses in South Africa.

  • These unique structures are crafted using CCA Treated Pine, ensuring durability and longevity.

Companies offer the classic 3×3 one room Rustic Log Cabin Wendy House.

  • If you’re looking for a charming and distinctive design for your outdoor space, consider a Rustic Log Cabin Wendy House from experts.

Unfortunately, there is limited information available about the specific features or characteristics of these log cabin-style wendy houses.

Modern Nutec Wendy Houses

Modern Nutec Wendy Houses are a popular choice for homeowners in South Africa, especially in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

  • Made from high-quality cement fiber board known as Nutec, these houses offer durability and versatility.

With their pitched or flat roofs, they provide a modern aesthetic that is both functional and stylish. Nutec Wendy houses can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that you get a home that suits your preferences.

Plus, with competitive pricing and professional workmanship, you can trust that you’re getting value for your money when investing in a Modern Nutec Wendy House.

Tailored Custom Wendy Houses

Wendy houses in South Africa can be customized to meet your unique preferences and needs.

  • If you’re looking for a personalized space that suits your individual style, “All About Wendys” is here to help.

Our team will work closely with you to design and build a tailored custom Wendy house that perfectly fits your requirements.

  • Whether you want extra windows, specific interior layouts, or additional features, we can bring your vision to life.

With our expertise as manufacturers and suppliers of tailored custom Wendy houses, you can have the perfect space just the way you want it.

Dedicated Wendy House Office Spaces

Dedicated Wendy House Office Spaces offer a unique and versatile solution for those in need of professional workspace.

These office spaces are designed to provide a separate and private area for individuals to work comfortably from their homes or businesses.

With attractive and interesting designs, dedicated Wendy House Office Spaces add a touch of style to any property. Made from durable materials such as wood, these structures are built to last.

  • They provide ample space for desks, chairs, storage units, and other office essentials.

Whether you need a quiet place to focus on your work or a professional setting for client meetings, dedicated Wendy House Office Spaces can meet your needs efficiently while blending seamlessly with the aesthetics of your property.

These office spaces are not only practical but also offer convenience and privacy.

  • They can be customized according to individual preferences with features like soundproofing insulation and air conditioning systems.

Additionally, they make an excellent choice for working remotely or starting a home-based business without the hassle of renting commercial space elsewhere.

Pet-friendly Wendy House for Dogs

Wendy houses in South Africa are not just for humans anymore. They are also being used as pet houses for dogs.

  • Instead of traditional dog kennels, more and more pet owners are opting for “Rock Hard” Pet Houses as a unique and practical solution.

These Wendy houses can easily be repurposed into comfortable homes for our furry friends.

  • Many companies in South Africa offer pet-friendly options, ensuring that your dog has a cozy space to call their own.

It’s no wonder this trend is gaining popularity among pet owners looking for an alternative to traditional kennels.

Commercial Wendy House Shops

Commercial Wendy House Shops in South Africa provide a range of designs and options to suit the needs and preferences of customers.

These shops cater to the demand for live-in domestic worker accommodation, offering functional and comfortable spaces.

For those looking for commercial Wendy houses professional companies are an excellent choice. They provide a comprehensive price list as well as options for both Nutec and wooden Wendy houses.

With their versatile structures, Wendy houses can also be transformed into fantastic man sheds, providing the perfect space for hobbies or relaxation.

Sanitary Wendy House Toilets

Wendy houses are versatile structures that can be customized to suit different needs, including the addition of sanitary facilities.

  • Sanitary Wendy house toilets are specially designed to maximize space while still providing all the necessary amenities.

These bathrooms come in various designs and finishes, such as Clear Pine, White Fibreglass, Mahogany, and Cherry Finish.

  • Despite their smaller size, they contain a basin, toilet, bath, and geyser—everything you would find in a larger bathroom.

So, whether you need a convenient restroom for your backyard or an additional bathroom for your property, these sanitary Wendy house toilets offer a practical and compact solution that meets legal requirements regarding size compliance.

South African Wendy Houses: Sizes, Materials, and More

Explore the various sizes, materials, and additional features available in South African Wendy houses.

Dive into Sizes and Dimensions

Wendy Houses come in a range of sizes and dimensions to suit your needs. With options like 1.5 x 1.5 meters and 1.8 x meters, you can find the perfect size for your space.

  • Whether you need a small unit for storage or a larger one for living purposes, there is something for everyone.

Keep in mind that pricing will vary based on the size and other factors such as materials, design, location, optional extras, and level of finish. So, take some time to explore the different sizes available and choose the one that meets your requirements best.

Understand the Materials Used

Most Wendy houses in South Africa are constructed using corrugated iron for the walls. This material is durable and provides excellent protection against the elements.

For overlapping, treated pine is commonly used, which adds strength and stability to the structure.

  • The main framework of a Wendy house is typically made of wood, providing a sturdy base for the entire building.

These materials ensure that Wendy houses are long-lasting and can withstand various weather conditions.

Learn about Roofing and Insulation Choices

Nutec Wendy houses offer a range of roofing and insulation choices to suit your needs.

  • When it comes to roofs, you have the option of pitched or flat roofs. Pitched roofs are more common, but if you prefer a modern look, flat roofs are also available.

Nutec Wendy houses use flat panels and IBR roof sheets for their construction.

  • As for insulation, you can add roof insulation to keep your Wendy house or shed comfortable in any weather.

Whether you choose a pitched or flat roof, Nutec has options to ensure your Wendy house is well-insulated and protected from the elements.

Explore Windows and Doors Options

When it comes to choosing windows and doors for your South African Wendy house, there are a variety of options available to suit your needs.

  • Pre-sealed aluminium windows and doors are a popular choice due to their durability and low maintenance.

They provide excellent insulation while allowing natural light to enter the space. Additionally, the positioning of windows and doors in Wendy houses is carefully planned to ensure optimal lighting and practicality.

  • Whether you prefer traditional wooden frames or modern Nutec designs, there are competitive prices offered by suppliers.

So, take some time to explore the different window and door options available for your Wendy house project!

Discover Available Optional Add-Ons

Enhance your South African Wendy House with a range of available optional add-ons.

  • These extras can include additional windows or walls to let in more natural light, insulation to keep your space comfortable year-round, and even custom-made features tailored to your needs.

You can also choose from different flooring options to suit your style and preferences.

  • Keep in mind that the availability and prices of these add-ons may vary depending on the supplier or builder you choose.

So, take the time to explore all the possibilities and create a Wendy House that is truly perfect for you.

South African Wendy House Styles Explored

Explore the traditional, modern, eco-friendly, and multi-purpose designs of Wendy houses in South Africa.

Dive into Traditional Designs

Traditional designs are a popular choice when it comes to Wendy houses in South Africa.

  • These designs resemble traditional houses, which adds a charming and nostalgic touch to your backyard or property.

Traditional Wendy houses are often made from high-quality wood materials like pinewood, offering durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • With their classic design elements, such as pitched roofs and quaint windows, these Wendy houses provide a cozy and inviting space for various purposes.

Whether you want to create a playhouse for your children or need extra storage space, traditional Wendy house designs can meet your needs while adding character to your outdoor area.

Embrace the Modern Designs

Embrace the modern designs of Wendy Houses and discover a whole new level of style and functionality.

  • These contemporary designs offer sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative features that cater to your specific needs.

From spacious interiors with open-plan layouts to large windows that flood the space with natural light, these modern Wendy Houses are perfect for creating a stylish retreat or versatile workspace.

  • With durable materials and expert craftsmanship, you can trust that these modern designs will stand the test of time while providing a fresh and trendy look to your outdoor space.

Explore the range of modern Nutec Wendy Houses or tailored custom options to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

  • Step into the future with our eco-friendly designs that prioritize sustainability without compromising on style.

With energy-efficient insulation, recycled building materials, and environmentally friendly construction practices, these Wendy Houses allow you to make a positive impact on the planet while enjoying all the comforts of modern living.

  • Embracing these modern designs is not just about staying up-to-date with current trends but also about creating spaces that reflect your individuality and values.

So why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the cutting-edge? Upgrade your backyard oasis with a modern Wendy House design that combines innovation, style, and functionality in one package.

Advocate for Eco-Friendly Designs

Opting for eco-friendly designs when choosing a Wendy house can have a positive impact on the environment.

  • By selecting sustainable materials and incorporating energy-efficient features, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Eco-friendly Wendy houses often utilize renewable resources like bamboo or recycled materials, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

  • Additionally, these designs may incorporate solar panels for electricity or rainwater harvesting systems for water conservation.

By advocating for eco-friendly designs, you are not only creating an environmentally-conscious living space but also setting an example for others to follow in making more sustainable choices.

Revel in Multi-Purpose Designs

Wendy houses in South Africa offer an exciting range of multi-purpose designs that cater to various needs and preferences.

  • These versatile structures can serve as accommodation for live-in domestic workers, low-cost permanent residences, guest houses, playhouses for children, tool sheds, and even dog kennels.

The possibilities are endless! With customizable options available, you can personalize your Wendy house to suit your specific requirements. Embrace the creativity and innovation that these multi-purpose designs provide, allowing you to enjoy a space that caters to your unique housing needs while reflecting your individual style.

2024 Pricing Guide for Wendy Houses in South Africa [Price Lists]

Discover the comprehensive price breakdown for different types of Wendy houses in South Africa and find the perfect option to suit your budget and needs.

Detailed Standard Wendy House Prices

The price for a standard 1.8m x 1.8m Wendy house with windows is R6 556.00. If you prefer taller walls measuring 2.1m, simply add an extra 10% to the cost.

  • Keep in mind that these prices are for Wendy houses with a flat roof and wooden pallet type floor, along with wooden doors and windows.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy backyard retreat or an extra storage space, our affordable standard Wendy houses provide great value for your money. Don’t forget to check out our discounted prices on both Nutec and traditional wooden Wendy houses too!

Comprehensive Log Cabin Wendy House Prices

Log cabin wendy houses offer a rustic and charming option for those looking for a unique backyard retreat.

  • The pricing for log cabins is R3 650 per square meter, making it an affordable choice for customers.

With their sturdy construction and durable materials, log cabins are built to last and provide a cozy space that can be used as a home office, studio, or guest room.

  • Whether you need extra space or simply want to enhance your outdoor living area, log cabin wendy houses offer great value for money.

So why not add a touch of rustic charm to your backyard with these comprehensive log cabin wendy house prices?

Personalized Custom Wendy House Prices

Looking for a Wendy house that is tailored to your specific needs? Our personalized custom Wendy houses offer you the flexibility to design and create the perfect space.

  • Whether you need a home office, a pet-friendly shelter, or a commercial shop, our prices for customized Wendy houses are competitive and affordable.

You can choose from different sizes, materials, and optional add-ons to suit your preferences. Contact us now for personalized custom Wendy house prices that fit your budget and requirements.

Regions of Service by Budget-Friendly Wendy House Builders in South Africa

Regions of Service by Budget-Friendly Wendy House Builders in South Africa

Our budget-friendly Wendy House builders offer their services in various regions of South Africa.

Provinces Catered to by Expert Wendy House Contractors

Expert Wendy House Contractors cater to multiple provinces in South Africa.

  • Professional companies specialize in serving the province of Gauteng, offering a range of wooden Wendy houses for various purposes.

Whether you’re in Gauteng or another province, there are expert contractors available to meet your Wendy house needs.

Conclusion about Wendy houses for sale: Reach out to us for premium Wendy house specials directly from your closest manufacturer!!

Conclusion about Wendy houses for sale: Reach out to us for premium Wendy house specials directly from your closest manufacturer!!

Get in touch with us today to secure your premium Wendy house specials directly from the nearest manufacturer!

  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a high-quality Wendy house at an affordable price.

Contact us now and let us help you find the perfect Wendy house that meets all your needs and requirements.


1. What is a Wendy House?

A Wendy house is a small, freestanding building often used as a playhouse for children or tool shed that comes in various materials such as wood (log), Nutec and interlocking tongue.

2. How can I purchase a Wendy House?

You can contact Wendy house manufacturers via their service phone or email to inquire about the price of a range of built Wendy houses available for sale near you.

3. Can I personalize my purchased Wendy House?

Absolutely! Most companies offer customization options from interior designs to adding accessories like pane glass doors and windows for your wooden or Nutec wendy houses.

4. Are there different types of wendy houses?

Yes, there are many types based on size (like 3×3), construction materials (such as log cabin style, Nutec, etc.), intended use, and more. Some even have kitchens!

5. Can I install the wendy house by myself?

While it’s possible depending on the model, most people opt for professional installation services provided by specialists from respective brands to ensure proper setup according to an installation guide.

6. Where can I find good quality wendy houses in South Africa?

Good quality wendy Houses are available across South Africa including cities like Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg among others; delivered right at your doorsteps upon purchase.