We shall help you find expert tilers in Kempton Park. Hire the best Kempton Park tiling contractors near me

We shall help you find expert tilers in Kempton Park. Hire the best Kempton Park tiling contractors near me

Finding the best tilers in Kempton Park is easy with our help. We connect you with skilled Kempton Park tilers who do top-quality work on floors and walls, using tiles like porcelain and ceramic.

Whether you need a new bathroom look or a kitchen backsplash, these pros have it covered.

Our network includes residential and commercial tile contractors ready to tackle any project. From small touch-ups to big makeovers, they’ll get the job done right. They offer good prices too!

You’ll be glad you chose a local expert for your tiling needs.

10 Reasons to Hire Tilers Kempton Park

10 Reasons to Hire Tilers Kempton Park

Hiring tilers in Kempton Park is a smart choice for perfect tile work. They come with the skill and knowledge needed to get the job right.

  1. Professional finish: Tilers Kempton Park have the tools and experience to deliver smooth and even tile surfaces.
  2. Save time: A professional tiler can complete the job quickly, saving you from a long, drawn-out process.
  3. Correct techniques: These experts use proven methods to ensure tiles are laid correctly and last longer.
  4. No waste: Experienced tilers measure accurately and cut precisely, reducing wasted materials.
  5. Right equipment: They have all the necessary tools for complex cuts and patterns, something most DIYers lack.
  6. Diverse options: Tilers offer a range of services including floor tiling, bathroom renovations, and kitchen backsplashes.
  7. Expert advice: Get recommendations on the best tiles for your space regarding durability, style, and cost.
  8. Cost-effective: While upfront costs may seem high, hiring a professional can prevent expensive mistakes and repairs later on.
  9. Stress-free: Handing over the job to experts takes away the stress of doing it yourself or managing any mishaps.
  10. Warranty: Many tiling contractors provide guarantees on their workmanship for added peace of mind.

12 Types of Tiling Services Available in Kempton Park

Expert tilers in Kempton Park offer many services to fit your needs. From floor tiles to custom designs, you’ll find the right solution for your space.

  1. Floor tiling: Cover your home or office floors with a wide range of materials like ceramic or porcelain tiles.
  2. Wall tiling: Transform your kitchen or bathroom walls with stylish and waterproof wall tiles.
  3. Bathroom tile installation: Get durable and trendy tiles fitted for a fresh bathroom look.
  4. Kitchen backsplash tiling: Protect kitchen walls from spills with attractive backsplash tile options.
  5. Outdoor tiling: Enhance patios or walkways using sturdy outdoor tiles that withstand the elements.
  6. Tile repair services: Fix cracked or chipped tiles to make your floors and walls look new again.
  7. Waterproofing and tiling: Prevent water damage in wet areas by combining tiling with effective waterproofing measures.
  8. Tile replacement: Update old spaces by replacing out-dated tiles with new, modern options.
  9. Custom tile work: Create unique patterns or designs for a personalised touch in your space.
  10. Commercial tiling services: Upgrade business premises with reliable and lasting floor and wall solutions.
  11. Luxury tiling options: Choose high-end tiles for an elegant finish in premium spaces.
  12. Tiling quotes and consultations: Discuss your project and get detailed pricing information upfront.

Tiling Contractors Kempton Park: Residential Tiling Services

Tiling contractors in Kempton Park know how to make your home look its best. They offer tiling services for kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces. You can choose from a wide range of tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, or even luxury finishes.

Whatever your style or budget, these pros will help you pick the perfect tile.

Residential tilers take care of everything from measuring to installation. They’ll remove old tiles and prepare surfaces too. Their work is quick, clean, and will last for years. Trust local tilers for a fresh new look in your home that will impress everyone who sees it!

Tiling Contractors Kempton Park: Commercial Tiling Services

Commercial spaces in Kempton Park need floors that stand up to heavy use. Our tiling contractors understand this well. They work with durable materials like porcelain and ceramic, ensuring your shop or office looks great and lasts long.

With years of experience, they can handle big projects like hotel lobbies or shopping centres.

They also know how important it is for a business to keep running. That’s why they offer quick but precise installation services. The goal is to minimise disruption so you can continue your work as usual while getting a fresh new look for your space.

Each job uses the latest techniques and equipment for top-quality results every time.

Tiling Contractors Kempton Park: Commercial Outdoor Services

Tiling contractors in Kempton Park transform outdoor commercial spaces with durable and stylish tiles. They handle projects for shopping centres, office parks, and restaurants. Their services include walkways, patios, and alfresco dining areas.

Skilled teams design layouts that stand up to the weather while enhancing the look of your business.

Choose these experts for top-quality work on terraces and entertainment zones too. They offer a range of materials like slip-resistant ceramics or natural stone options. Count on them for waterproofing solutions that protect against rain damage all year round.

Trust their expertise to give your outdoor area a fresh and professional appearance that lasts.

Tiling Contractors in Kempton Park: Repairs and Replacement Services

Tiles can crack, chip or come loose over time. Kempton Park’s repair and replacement experts are ready to fix these issues quickly. They handle everything from small repairs to full tile replacements.

Using the latest tools and quality materials, they make sure your tiles look as good as new.

Whether it’s a broken bathroom tile or a kitchen floor that needs attention, these professionals offer lasting solutions. Their services also include re-grouting and sealing to extend the life of your tiling.

Trust them for efficient service that restores the beauty of your floors and walls without delay.

Expert Tile Maintenance and Cleaning in Kempton Park

Keep your tiles looking new with Kempton Park’s expert maintenance and cleaning services. These pros can handle everything from tile sealing to deep cleaning, keeping floors and walls sparkling.

They use the latest equipment and safe cleaning solutions that won’t harm your tiles or grout.

Kempton Park homes shine thanks to these skilled workers. Their attention to detail means no spot is missed. Regular cleaning by these experts extends the life of your tiles, saving you money in the long run.

Trust them for a home that always looks its best!

Tile Installers: Professional Tile Installations throughout Kempton Park

Tile Installers: Professional Tile Installations throughout Kempton Park

Kempton Park homes and businesses get a fresh look with professional tile installers. These experts handle everything from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors. They work with various materials like ceramic, porcelain, and custom tiles.

Homeowners and companies trust them for reliable, beautiful results.

Tile installers in the city are skilled at fitting tiles perfectly. They make sure each piece is cut precisely and laid evenly for a top-quality finish. Whether it’s a luxury design or waterproofing you need, these pros can do the job right.

Their skills bring style and function to any space they touch.

Tile Installation Prices 2024: Tiler price per square meter in Kempton Park

After finding a professional tiler in Kempton Park, the next step is looking at costs. Tile installation prices can vary greatly.

In 2024, you might pay anywhere from R120 to R250 per square meter for a tiler’s work in Kempton Park.

Service Description Estimated Price Range (ZAR) per Square Meter Notes
Standard Ceramic Tile Installation 70 – 120 Price includes installation only, assuming floor is prepped and ready for tile installation. Does not include the cost of tiles.
Porcelain Tile Installation 100 – 150 Slightly more expensive than ceramic due to the harder nature of porcelain tiles, requiring more expertise to cut and install. Price for installation only.
Natural Stone Tile Installation 150 – 300 Includes marble, granite, and slate. Higher cost due to the complexity of installation and the need for sealing. Price for installation only.
Mosaic Tile Installation 200 – 350 Due to the small size of the tiles and complexity of the patterns, mosaic installation is more labor-intensive. Price for installation only.
Tile Removal 50 – 100 Removal of existing tiles before new installation. Price can vary based on the difficulty of removal and disposal of old tiles.
Surface Preparation 30 – 70 Includes leveling, cleaning, and priming of the floor or walls before tiling. Essential for a quality finish.
Grouting and Finishing Included in installation cost or 20 – 40 if separately quoted Final step of the installation process, filling the spaces between tiles.
Custom Design Layout Additional 10 – 20% on top of installation costs For designs that require intricate patterns or specific layouts.
Waterproofing 100 – 200 Necessary for wet areas such as bathrooms and balconies. This is an additional layer of protection to prevent water damage.

This range depends on factors like tile type and overall job quality.

Conclusion: Always Hire Kempton Park’s best tile installation contractors near me

Conclusion: Always Hire Kempton Park's best tile installation contractors near me

For your next tiling project, choose the top tilers in Kempton Park. Go for quality and style that lasts. Trust the local experts to transform your space with skill and precision. Remember, professional tilers bring your vision to life.

Make sure you pick the best for a flawless finish every time!


1. Where can I find professional tilers in Kempton Park?

You’ll find skilled tilers near Kempton Park offering a range of services – floor tiling, bathroom installations to custom work. They’re ready to bring your project to life with expert care.

2. What should I expect for tiler pricing in the area?

Tiler cost per square meter varies, but getting a quote from local tiling companies or tile contractors gives you clarity on expenses for your specific needs – be it luxury finishes or affordable options.

3. Can tilers in Kempton Park handle unique tile installations?

Certainly! Ceramic and porcelain tile contractors here have the expertise for even complex patterns and spaces. Count on them for anything from kitchen backsplashes in Kempton Park to outdoor tiling specialists who cater to both residential and commercial projects.

4. Are there any recommended tilers who focus on bathroom renovations?

Yes, many experienced bathroom tilers provide detailed quotes—just reach out, and they’ll help transform your space with top-notch waterproofing and bespoke designs that reflect luxury tiling trends.

5. How do I secure a reliable tile company near me?

Simple! Start by searching ’tiling near me’ or ’tile installation companies near me’. This will point you towards trusted local professionals who come highly recommended – always check reviews!

6. What additional services might Kempton Park’s tilers offer?

They often go beyond just laying tiles; look out for those providing comprehensive solutions including waterproofing or even full renovation works ready to elevate any room’s aesthetics while ensuring longevity.