Protect your Property with Burglar Bars

Burglar Bars

Burglar bars are a common choice for homeowners looking to protect their property. They’re a great solution, especially if you live in an area where crime is common and you want to make it very difficult for burglars to get into your home.

They can be made from various materials like steel, aluminium or clear polycarbonate. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some options are meant to fit into your existing window frames; others are designed to be mounted directly on the exterior walls of your house or apartment building.

Burglar bars can be installed by professionals or DIY-ers, depending on the type of burglar bar you choose.

If you’re going to install them yourself, make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand before beginning work—you may need scaffolding equipment if your windows are high up on an exterior wall.

11 Things to Consider when choosing your Burglar bars

  1. Type of material you want them to be made of
  2. Style you want
  3. Where do you want to install them
  4. How you want to secure them
  5. Decide what size burglar bar you need
  6. Choose your colour
  7. Method of installation
  8. Which company offers the best warranty
  9. Decide what type of security system you want to use with your security bars
  10. What type of access control do you want on your bars.
  11. The type of monitoring you want on your bars.

What is burglar proofing?

burglar proofing

Burglar proofing is a process that protects your home from burglary, vandalism, theft and other criminal activity.

It can be broken down into 3 main categories:

  1. Security lighting
  2. Security system monitoring
  3. Hardware and locks

Why install burglar bars?

Burglar bars are a great way to secure your home and family. They’re more effective than a closed-door or locked window.

5 Reasons Why:

  1. An affordable and effective way to improve your home security
  2. Only need to be installed once, but will protect for years
  3. Security isn’t just about keeping burglars out: it’s also about keeping your family safe inside the home
  4. Make it more difficult for someone to break in through that window and climb through
  5. Used to deter intruders from trying to break in through other windows or doors

Burglar Bars Installation

Burglar Bars Installation

If you have been looking for a company that offers burglar bars installation near me, we can help.

We have a network of trusted companies and individuals who can help you find the best burglar bars for your home and install them as quickly as possible.

Yes, we will help you determine what type of burglar bars would be best suited for your needs and give you quotes from different companies so that you can compare prices and services before making a decision.

Our goal is to provide our customers with all of the information they need to make an informed decision about their home security needs so that they feel confident about what they are purchasing.

Installation & Repairs – Burglar Bars near Me

Burglar Bars near Me

  • Alberton
  • Bellville
  • Benoni
  • Bloemfontein
  • Boksburg
  • Brackenfell
  • Cape Town
  • Centurion
  • Durban
  • Durbanville
  • East London
  • East Rand
  • Edenvale
  • Fish Hoek
  • Gauteng
  • George
  • Germiston
  • Goodwood
  • Helderberg
  • Hermanus
  • Hillcrest
  • Joburg
  • Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg South
  • Kempton Park
  • Kimberley
  • Knysna
  • Kraaifontein
  • Kuils River
  • Lenasia
  • Mauritius
  • Midrand
  • Nelspruit
  • Paarl
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Pinetown
  • Polokwane
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Potchefstroom
  • Pretoria
  • Pretoria North
  • Randburg
  • Roodepoort
  • Somerset West
  • South Africa
  • Soweto
  • Stellenbosch
  • Strand
  • Western Cape
  • Windhoek
  • Zimbabwe

Why Choose our Burglar Bar Installers?

  • Professional Technicians
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What Determines Burglar Bars Prices?

Burglar Bars Prices

  1. Location: the price of burglar bars will vary based on where you live. If you live in a high-crime area, the price will be higher to help protect your home from criminals.
  2. Size: the size of the bar will affect its price, as well as its durability and strength.
  3. Material: the material that makes up the bars also affects their price. The more durable and strong material is, the more expensive it will be to produce and install into your home’s windows or doors.
  4. Colour: the colour of your door or window frames will determine if you need to paint them or not.
  5. Features: features such as anti-pry tabs or anti-sledgehammer tabs may add to the cost of installing security bars on your windows or doors because they require more work from professionals who install them onto homes’ exteriors.
  6. Installation method: This includes how many people are needed to install security bars on your windows and doors, as well as how long it takes them to do so. For example, if you want your burglars’ bars installed in one day by two people instead of three days by four people, then you’ll pay more for this service (and vice versa).

Are aluminium burglar bars prices high?

The answer is yes and no. It depends on what kind of aluminium burglar bars you choose, and where you buy them. If you buy them online, then they will be cheaper than if you go into a store directly.

However, there are many different types of aluminium burglar bars available online, so you must find something that fits your needs as well as your price range.

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Burglar Bars Designs Windows

Burglar Bars Designs Windows

There are many different types of burglar bars designs for windows available on the market today. Some are more ornate than others, but all of them serve the same purpose: to keep your home safe from burglars.

The most important thing to remember when choosing burglar bars for your windows is to pick a design that will be both effective at deterring burglars and also aesthetically pleasing. After all, you don’t want your home to look like a prison!

Different Types of Burglar Bars on offer

  • Adjustable Burglar Bar
  • Alternative To Burglar Bar
  • Aluminium / Aluminum Burglar Bars
  • Best Burglar Bars
  • Cheap Burglar Bar
  • Clear Polycarbonate Burglar Bars
  • Clear View Burglar Bars
  • Cottage Pane Burglar Bars
  • Decorative Burglar Bar
  • Door Burglar Bars
  • External Burglar Bar
  • Fancy Burglar Bar
  • Fire Safe Burglar Bar
  • Flat Bar Burglar Bar
  • Front Door Burglar Bar
  • Galvanised Burglar Bar
  • Home Burglar Bars
  • Horizontal Burglar Bars
  • Inside Burglar Bar
  • Interior Burglar Bar
  • Internal Burglar Bars
  • Invisible Burglar Bars
  • Iron Burglar Bars
  • Modern Burglar Bars
  • Nice Burglar Bars
  • Outside Burglar Bars
  • Patio Burglar Bar
  • Perspex Burglar Bars
  • Plastic Burglar Bars
  • Polycarbonate Burglar Bars
  • Ready-Made Burglar Bars
  • Security Burglar Bars
  • See Through Burglar Bars
  • Sliding Burglar Bars
  • Spanish Burglar Bars
  • Stainless Steel Burglar Bar
  • Steel Burglar Bars
  • Stylish Burglar Bars
  • Transparent Burglar Bars
  • Wrought Iron Burglar Bars

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People also ASK – Window Burglar Bar Prices

Window Burglar Bar Prices

Are burglar bars effective?

They are an effective way to deter burglars from breaking into your home. By making it difficult or impossible for a burglar to gain entry, you can reduce the risk of being victimized by this crime.

Also, provide an added level of security in the event of a home invasion.

Are burglar bars safe?

There is no easy answer when it comes to whether or not security bars are safe. On the one hand, they can offer a measure of protection against would-be burglars and other intruders. On the other hand, they can also pose a safety risk in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to install them is a personal one. If you do decide to install them, be sure to take precautions such as having an alternate means of exit in case of an emergency.

Are burglar bars worth it?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question because it depends on several factors.

Here are some things to consider that might help you make a decision:

  • How valuable are the items in your home?
  • Are you in a high-crime area?
  • What is your budget?
  • How easy would it be to install bars yourself?
  • Do you want the bars to be visible from the outside?
  • Are you concerned about how the bars will affect the appearance of your home?
  • Will the bars give you peace of mind or will they make you feel like you’re living in a prison?

Are clear burglar bars safe?

They are a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home. They are also great for deterring burglars and keeping your family safe. However, it is important to make sure that the security bars you purchase are clear so that they do not obstruct your view in case of an emergency.

If you’re looking for clear security bars, we recommend checking out our selection here.

Are window bars illegal?

Window bars are not illegal, though they are often seen as a sign of criminality. Some people choose to install window bars for security reasons, while others see them as a way to restrict natural light and airflow into their homes.

Clear burglar bars vs steel

If you’re looking for security, then your best bet is to go with steel bars. Clear bars can be cut through relatively easily, whereas steel will stand up to a lot more force. Steel is also less likely to warp or break in extreme weather conditions.

Do burglar bars work?

The effectiveness of a burglar bar depends on several factors, including the type of bar, the strength and thickness of the material from which it is made, and how it is installed.

Generally speaking, though, they can be effective at deterring burglars if they are properly installed and used in conjunction with other security measures.

Do security doors decrease home value?

security doors

It depends on the location and what type of security door. A high-quality security door can increase the value of a home, as it can provide increased safety for the inhabitants.

However, if a security door is poorly installed or is not of good quality, it can have the opposite effect and decrease the value of a home.

Do window bars deter burglars?

Burglars are opportunists and will usually avoid homes with security features such as window bars. However, if they are determined to rob a home, they will find a way past the security features.

How do burglars choose houses?

While many factors contribute to how burglars choose houses, some commonalities exist. In general, burglars tend to target homes that look vulnerable, such as those with unlocked doors or windows, or houses that appear unoccupied.

They also tend to target wealthier neighbourhoods, as these homes are likely to contain more valuables. Additionally, burglars often strike during the daytime when people are likely to be at work or school, making it easier for them to break in undetected.

Of course, not all burglaries fit this mould; sometimes opportunistic thieves will simply take what they can get without much planning involved. However, in general, these are some of the factors that burglars consider when targeting a home

How do I make my house burglar-proof?

The best way to make your house burglar-proof will vary depending on your home’s specific security vulnerabilities. However, here are some general tips for making your home more burglar-resistant:

  • Install a security system: A security system can be a powerful deterrent against burglars, as they are less likely to attempt to rob a home that is being monitored by security cameras or alarm systems.
  • Keep your windows and doors locked: This may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising how many people neglect to lock their doors and windows when they’re not at home. Make sure you always securely lock your doors

How do you break into a burglar bar?

There are a few ways that you can break into a burglar bar. One way is to use a crowbar to pry the bar open. Another way is to use a hammer to break the glass out of the window and then reach in and unlatch the bar. You can also try using a piece of metal or a strong piece of plastic to wedge the bar open.

If you have someone with you, they can also help by holding the other end of the wedge while you drive it in.

Whatever method you decide to use, be sure to wear gloves and protective clothing so that you don’t cut yourself on the glass or injure yourself with the tool you’re using.

How much do burglar bars cost?

burglar bars cost

Some companies will charge as little as R1500 per window, while others may charge upwards of R3000 or more.

There are also a variety of different styles and designs available, so it depends on your personal preference as to which type you choose.

How to burglar-proof sliding glass doors?

sliding glass doors

There are a few things you can do to burglar-proof your sliding glass doors. One option is to install a security bar or gate on the door. You can also add shatterproof film or window locks to the door.

Another option is to install a sensor that will sound an alarm if someone attempts to break in.

How to cut polycarbonate burglar bar?

Many people find that a jigsaw with a fine-tooth blade can be used to cut through polycarbonate quite easily.

Alternatively, a hacksaw may also be suitable.

How to install burglar bars on aluminium windows?

They can be installed on aluminium windows by using a drill and a screwdriver.

  • The first step is to measure the window frame and then cut the burglar bar to size.
  • The next step is to drill holes in the security bars and then attach them to the window frame with screws.
  • Finally, make sure that the security bars are properly secured and that they cannot be easily removed from the window frame.

How to install clear burglar bars?

There are a few things to bear in mind when installing clear security bars. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that the bars are installed properly and securely.

This means ensuring that they are firmly attached to the window frame and that all fixings are tight.

They can be purchased from most hardware stores, and many come with comprehensive fitting instructions.

However, if you are unsure about how to install them yourself, it is always best to seek professional advice from a qualified tradesperson.

Once the security bars are in place, it is important to test them regularly to ensure that they are still secure. This may involve periodic checks of the fixings, or outright testing.

How to paint burglar bars?

They can be painted in a variety of colours to match the surrounding architecture or trim.

  • Always test the paint on a small, inconspicuous area of the burglar bar to make sure it adheres and doesn’t peel off.
  • Apply a coat of primer to the burglar bar before painting. This will help the paint adhere better and will give it a longer life span.
  • Use high-quality paint that is made for outdoor use. This type of paint is more weather-resistant and will hold up better in extreme conditions.

How to remove burglar bars?

One way is to use a hacksaw to cut the bolts that hold the security bars in place. Another way is to use a drill and screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the security bars in place. A third way is to use a crowbar or pry bar to remove the security bars.

How to remove burglar bars from brick?

First, you’ll need to remove the screws or bolts that are holding the burglar bar in place. If the screws are rusted, you may need to use a power drill to get them out. Next, use a pry bar or flathead screwdriver to carefully prie the bars away from the brick.

Be careful not to damage the brickwork as you do this. Once the bars are free, you can lift them off and discard them.

Should I remove my burglar bars?

Removing them is usually not necessary, as long as they are installed correctly and are in good condition. If there is a risk that someone could break through the bars or if they are rusty and in poor condition, then it might be a good idea to remove them.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that removing security bars can also make your home more vulnerable to burglars.

What are burglar bars?

They are security devices that are installed on windows and doors to deter thieves and intruders. They are typically made of metal or iron and can be either permanent or temporary. Can also be purchased Present in different sizes and shapes, and they come in various colours as well.

While some people feel that security bars make homes look like prisons, others view them as a necessary security measure, particularly in high-crime areas.

What are burglar bars made of?

Most are made of either steel or iron. Some are even made of wood or aluminum. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most are designed to be installed on the inside of a window frame.

What are invisible burglar bars?

Invisible bars are a type of security gate that is designed to be hidden from view. They are often made from metal or plastic and are installed in such a way that they are not visible from the outside of the house.

Why do burglars break-in at night?

Nighttime provides more opportunities for criminals to go undetected, as there are typically fewer people awake and fewer vehicles on the street.

In addition, darkness creates hiding places for criminals to escape detection.  Another reason that burglars may target homes at night is that they know that families are typically asleep and will not be able to defend themselves.

Wikipedia information here.