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Aluminium Windows

Upgrading your home or office with aluminium windows is a smart investment. Finding the best-accredited aluminium window installers in your area is simple when you contact us!

  • Our comprehensive network of professional aluminium window installers offers top-quality design and installation services, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable price.

If it’s a stunning new look or enhanced energy efficiency that you seek, our experienced specialists will help bring your vision to life by providing tailored solutions guaranteed to meet your specific needs.

  • Explore our extensive range of aluminium window options today and discover how partnering with skilled local installers can make all the difference when it comes to transforming your property into a stylish, comfortable haven.

Rest assured knowing that not only will expert teams efficiently manage each aspect involved in upgrading tour space but also provide ongoing support should any maintenance issues arise down the line.

Key Reasons To Install Aluminium Windows And Doors

Key Reasons To Install Aluminium Windows And Doors

Some key reasons to consider installing aluminium windows and doors include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Aluminium frames are often more affordable than timber or PVC-U alternatives, making them accessible for various budgets.
  • Durability: Aluminium is resistant to swelling, cracking, splitting, and warping, ensuring a long-lasting product with less need for replacements.
  • Low maintenance: Due to their corrosion-resistant properties, aluminium windows and doors require minimal upkeep to maintain their appearance and functionality.
  • Design versatility: Aluminium offers a sleek and contemporary aesthetic style that can be easily customised to fit your specific design preferences.
  • High-performance: With excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency, aluminium windows help keep your home comfortable while reducing energy costs.
  • Security features: Robust aluminium constructions create stronger window frames offering increased security protection for your property.
  • Environmentally friendly: Aluminium is recyclable and has a small carbon footprint compared to other materials, making it an eco-friendly option in window manufacturing.
  • Wide service area coverage: Professional aluminium window installers can provide services in various regions across South Africa including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Free State, Mpumalanga among others locations.

Types Of Aluminium Windows In South Africa

From folding windows to bay and bow windows, South African aluminium window manufacturers offer a variety of options to enhance any home’s style and functionality.

For Sale: Folding Windows

Folding windows, a popular choice amongst South African homeowners, offer an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution for those looking to maximise space while adding a touch of style to their property.

  • One notable example is the Van Acht range of folding aluminium windows, available in various colours to suit any design preference – from classic neutrals to vibrant hues.

This allows you to personalise your home further. Additionally, suppliers offer steel and aluminium window options at wholesale prices in South Africa, including purpose-made designs and roll-up garage doors.

For Sale: Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a modern and sleek design, along with functionality and practicality.

  • These aluminium windows comprise two or more panels that glide smoothly on a track, allowing you to effortlessly open and close them while saving space in any room.

One of the primary advantages of aluminium sliding windows is their ability to maximise natural light exposure without obstructing pathways when opened – unlike some other window styles such as vertical sliding windows.

  • Being crafted from corrosion-resistant material ensures that your aluminium sliding windows remain low maintenance over time.

This particular style proves suitable not only for residential spaces but also for commercial establishments where energy efficiency and unobstructed views are desirable attributes.

For Sale: Side Hung Windows

Side hung windows are a popular type of aluminium window in South Africa.

  • They open outwards from the side, providing excellent ventilation and allowing natural light to enter a room.

One of the benefits of side hung windows is that you can direct the opening sash for maximum ventilation.

  • This feature makes them an ideal choice for rooms where you want to control airflow, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Side hung windows also have a classic design that complements both modern and traditional homes.

For Sale: Top Hung Windows

One of the most popular types of windows in South Africa is the Top Hung Window.

  • These windows have a hinge at the top and open outwards, allowing for ventilation while keeping rain outside.
  • They are often used in bedrooms, living rooms or other areas where airflow is important.

Aluminium Top Hung Windows can be fixed at an angle and opened horizontally, which makes them a great option for homes that need to maximize space without sacrificing natural light or air flow.

For Sale: Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular type of aluminium window in South Africa.

  • They are attached to a sturdy aluminium frame by one or more hinges placed at its sides and can open outward.

Casement windows are known for their energy efficiency and high level of security, thanks to the multiple locking points on their frames.

  • The Southern Star Windows Casement Window is an excellent example as it has a solid aesthetic classic appearance with a 60mm sash, making it both stylish and practical.

For Sale: Awning Windows

Awning windows are a popular choice in South Africa due to their functional and stylish design.

  • These windows open outwards from the bottom, allowing for superior ventilation even in inclement weather conditions.

They have a full perimeter pressure seal, making them ideal for areas with high wind loads and reducing external noise.

  • Not only do awning windows offer practical benefits, but they also provide added aesthetics to any property by adding another dimension of style and character.

With a range of colour options available, aluminium awning windows can be customised to fit your specific preferences and enhance the overall look of your home or business.

For Sale: Double-hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a popular choice among South African homeowners due to their energy-efficient design.

  • They feature two sashes that can slide up and down independently, allowing for airflow from both the top and bottom of the window.

This unique design not only allows for ventilation but also helps to regulate indoor temperature by preventing cold air from entering while warm air escapes through the top sash.

  • Double-hung windows with insulated glass units provide even more energy efficiency, minimizing heat transfer between indoor and outdoor environments.

For Sale: Picture Windows

Picture windows are a popular choice for homeowners who want to maximize their view of the outdoors and let in plenty of natural light.

  • These large, fixed-pane windows don’t open, but they do offer unobstructed views of your surroundings.
  • One benefit of picture windows is their energy efficiency – since they don’t open, there are no gaps or cracks where air can leak through.

Additionally, because these windows do not have any moving parts, maintenance needs are minimal compared to other window styles.

For Sale: Bay And Bow Windows

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s windows, bay and bow windows are an excellent option.

  • These types of aluminium-framed windows can make any room look larger and more spacious by using reinforced frames and a bay pole/post assembly kit.

Bay windows typically feature a central window flanked by two smaller ones that project outwards from the building’s facade, creating a distinctive architectural feature.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, bay and bow windows offer other benefits too. They allow plenty of natural light into your home while also improving ventilation as they can open up wide enough to let fresh air circulate freely.

Additional Window Choices

Additional Window Choices

Aside from aluminium windows, other options include wooden and uPVC windows.

For Sale: Wooden Windows

Wooden windows offer a classic and timeless look to any home.

  • While they provide excellent insulation, wooden frames require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity.

However, for those who appreciate the natural beauty of wood but want to reduce maintenance requirements, there are options available that combine aluminium with wood frames.

  • These types of windows offer cozy warmth on the inside while being tough and durable on the outside.

Experts offer an excellent example of this type of window with their wood-aluminium product range.

For Sale: UPVC Windows

uPVC windows have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their affordability and durability.

  • uPVC is a type of plastic that is more resistant to weathering, making it perfect for creating sliding aluminium windows and doors.

One major advantage of uPVC windows over wooden frames is that they don’t rot or warp when exposed to moisture, which can save homeowners time and money on repairs.

  • uPVC provides better insulation than aluminium frames, helping reduce heating bills throughout the year.

Comparison Between Aluminium, Wood And UPVC Windows

Material Durability Thermal Insulation Environmental Impact Aesthetic Appeal Maintenance Cost
Aluminium Highly durable, long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion. Offers moderate insulation, but can be improved with thermal breaks. Recyclable and considered more environmentally friendly than uPVC. Thin frame profiles, are modern and versatile, offering greater design flexibility. Low maintenance, with only occasional cleaning required. Can be more expensive than uPVC, but less expensive than wood.
Wood Strong and durable, but prone to warping and rot if not properly maintained. Excellent natural thermal insulator. Renewable material, but the use of timber can lead to deforestation if not sourced sustainably. Tends to be the most attractive option, with a classic and timeless appeal. Requires regular maintenance, including painting, staining, and sealing. Usually the most expensive option, but offers a high-end appearance.
uPVC Lightweight and durable, but less long-lasting and sturdy than aluminium. Superior thermal insulation compared to aluminium. Not recyclable, making it less environmentally friendly than aluminium. Typically offers a more basic, budget-friendly appearance. Low maintenance and easy to clean, but may discolour over time. Generally the most affordable option, but offers less design flexibility than aluminium.

South African Aluminium Window Frames: Size Options For 2023

Aluminium windows are a popular choice for many South African homeowners due to their durability and energy efficiency.

  • When it comes to choosing the right size for your new aluminium windows, there are standard sizes available, but custom sizes can also be manufactured to fit specific requirements.

The most commonly used standard size for top-hung aluminium windows is W890xH590mm. However, when ordering custom-sized frames, you have more flexibility in terms of shape and dimensions.

  • When deciding on the right size for your new aluminium windows, it’s essential to consider factors such as the function of the room they will be installed in and how much natural light you want them to allow into space.

Larger sized frames provide an unobstructed view and maximise natural light penetration while smaller-sized ones offer improved insulation against harsh weather conditions, which ultimately saves on energy bills.

Full Range Of Aluminium Doors In South Africa

Discover the full range of aluminium doors available in South Africa, including bi-fold, French, and patio doors that offer the same durability and energy efficiency as aluminium windows.

For Sale: Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular choice for those who want to create a seamless link between the interior and exterior of their building. These aluminium folding doors can be used to connect your home with your garden or patio.

  • They are incredibly versatile and come in various configurations, ranging from 3 panels up to 10 panels or more depending on your building’s needs.

Experts provide information about the pricing of aluminium folding sliding doors (also known as bifold doors) in South Africa. This information helps you make informed decisions when choosing this type of door for your home or business premises.

For Sale: French Doors

French doors are a popular type of aluminium door that adds both style and functionality to your home.

  • These elegant double doors are typically hinged and consist of two panels that create an open doorway when both sides are opened.

Aluminium French doors offer superior durability, security, and energy efficiency compared to other door types in the market.

Suppliers have a variety of options for you to choose from in Cape Town, while manufacturers offer custom designs for sliding, folding and stacking French-style doors installation in different areas across South Africa.

For Sale: Patio Doors

If you are looking to add style and functionality to your home, aluminium patio doors may be the perfect choice for you.

  • These sleek and modern doors are designed to provide easy access to your outdoor living space while also providing security against intruders.

Aluminium Glass experts offer a new generation of patio sliding doors that feature toughened safety glass and high-quality locks for added protection.

  • Aluminium patio doors are also highly durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for South African climates.

They can withstand harsh winds, rain, and UV rays without warping or fading over time.

Accredited Aluminium Window Services In South Africa

Accredited Aluminium Window Services In South Africa

Look to accredited aluminium window services in South Africa for custom design and fabrication, expert installation, repair and maintenance, glass replacement services, and energy-efficient solutions.

For Sale: Custom Window Design And Fabrication

When it comes to aluminium windows, custom design and fabrication are essential for achieving the perfect fit and look.

  • Accredited Aluminium Window Services in South Africa offer bespoke window design to suit your specific needs and preferences.

These professionals use advanced software such as Starfront to ensure accuracy in measurements and fabrication. They also adhere to the National Building Regulations to provide compliant yet stylish designs.

For Sale: Window Installation Services

If you’re planning on installing aluminium windows, it’s important to choose a company that offers top-notch window installation services.

  • A professional installation team will help ensure that your investment is properly installed and secured, providing lasting benefits for your home or business.

Look for accredited aluminium windows installers who offer custom design and fabrication services, as well as energy-efficient options to save money on your utility bills.

  • When it comes to choosing an installer, there are several factors to consider such as their certifications and experience in fitting aluminium frames correctly.

For instance, AAAMSA (Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa) certification guarantees high-quality workmanship from local professional aluminium window manufacturers.

You can also look up reliable service providers that specialize in the fabrication and installation of bespoke aluminium projects across Port Elizabeth.

For Sale: Window Repair And Maintenance

Accredited Aluminium Window Services in South Africa offer exceptional maintenance and repair services for all brands of aluminium windows, including rollers and hinges.

  • Whether it’s a simple cleaning task or replacing a broken window pane, these experts have the technical expertise to ensure your windows are in great working order at all times.

In addition, you can trust their qualified technicians to provide preventive maintenance by inspecting the condition of your windows regularly and providing customised solutions to extend their lifespan.

For Sale: Glass Replacement Services

If you have an aluminium window with broken or cracked glass, don’t worry.

  • There are plenty of accredited companies in South Africa that offer quality and affordable glass replacement services for your aluminium windows.

One such certification to look out for is the Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAAMSA).

  • Experts also supply high-quality windows, doors, and showers for glass and aluminium services.

Moreover, many window repair services in Cape Town can replace your damaged or broken aluminium window glass quickly.

For Sale: Energy-efficient Window Solutions

Energy-efficient windows are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa as homeowners and businesses alike look to reduce their energy consumption.

  • Accredited Aluminium Window Services in South Africa offer a range of energy-efficient window solutions that can help to reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as contribute to environmental protection by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

One example of an efficient window solution is the thermally broken Edge system.

  • By modifying energy flows through its design, Edge is highly effective at reducing energy waste and improving insulation.

Other reputable brands also provide quality products that meet high-efficiency standards for both residential and commercial customers.

Instructions For Installing Aluminium Windows And Doors, Step By Step

  1. Begin by measuring the window or door opening to ensure that you have the correct size.
  2. Next, remove any old windows or doors and prep the opening for installation.
  3. Insert any necessary weatherstripping around the edges of the frame.
  4. Place the window or door into position and check for levelness.
  5. Secure the window or door in place using mounting screws or brackets.

South African Aluminium Windows: 2023 Pricing And Installation Costs

If you’re considering installing aluminium windows in your home or business, you might be wondering about the costs involved.

  • As of 2023, the average cost for a single aluminium window installation in South Africa ranges from R1 500 to R15 000++.

The price depends on several factors such as size, style, customization options and additional features like double-glazing for added energy efficiency.

In addition to the cost of purchasing the windows themselves, you’ll also need to factor in installation fees.

  • Typically, installation fees can range from $375 to $1385 per window depending on various factors such as location and complexity of the job.

Overall, while aluminium windows may come with a higher initial investment than other materials like wood or uPVC; they offer additional benefits like durability and low maintenance costs over time which make them a worthwhile long-term investment for any property owner looking to optimize energy savings whilst adding value to their property.

Service Areas Covered By Expert Aluminium Window And Door Services In South Africa

Expert aluminium window and door services are available in various regions across South Africa, including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Free State and Mpumalanga.

Provinces Covered By Professional Aluminium Windows Installers

  • Gauteng
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Eastern Cape
  • Western Cape
  • Northern Cape
  • North West
  • Limpopo
  • Free State
  • Mpumalanga


  1. Gauteng: We provide our services in Alberton, Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Randburg, Roodepoort, Sandton and other surrounding areas.
  2. Kwa-Zulu Natal: Our services are available in Pietermaritzburg and other cities within the province.
  3. Eastern Cape: We extend our services to Port Elizabeth and other neighbouring towns.
  4. Western Cape: We cover a wide range of locations including Cape Town, Durbanville, George and Mossel Bay.
  5. Northern Cape: Our services also reach Kimberley and other towns throughout the province.
  6. North West: You can also find us servicing Mahikeng, Rustenburg and other towns in the area.
  7. Limpopo: Our team travels to Polokwane and other neighbouring towns to install our aluminium windows and doors.
  8. Free State: We’re available in Bloemfontein as well as other cities within the province.
  9. Mpumalanga: Our services extend all over Mpumalanga including Nelspruit and surrounding areas.

Conclusion: For Quality Installation In Your Area, Trust Local Aluminium Windows Installers!

In conclusion, aluminium windows are a popular choice for homeowners due to their durability and low maintenance.

  • If you’re considering installing new windows or updating your current ones, it’s important to choose the right type of window for your needs.

Folding windows, sliding windows, side hung windows and top hung windows are just a few options available in South Africa. In addition to aluminium, there are also wooden and uPVC options available.

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1. What are the benefits of aluminium windows compared to other materials?

Aluminium is a durable and low-maintenance material that offers excellent insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency.

  • It is also highly customizable in terms of colour and design, making it a popular choice for contemporary architectural styles.

2. How long do aluminium windows typically last?

With proper care and maintenance, aluminium windows can last up to 30 years or more.

  • They are resistant to corrosion and wear, making them an ideal investment for homeowners looking for long-term durability.

3. Are aluminium windows eco-friendly?

Yes! Aluminium is one of the most sustainable building materials available on the market today as it can be recycled indefinitely without compromising its quality or performance.

  • This makes it a smart choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Can I customize my aluminium windows to fit my home’s style?

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of choosing aluminium over other window materials like wood or vinyl is its flexibility when it comes to customization options.

  • Whether you prefer classic designs or modern aesthetics, there are countless ways to incorporate aluminium into your home’s unique style.